Dating news by Maria

4 Mar: You should go and read this interview, it gives some interesting insights into the thoughts behind OKCupid, a site I have not yet reviewed but obviously should do.

13 Feb: Over at they have a nice article and a podcast with some behind the scenes tips. Worth checking it out.

20 Nov: This is a bit hard to believe but is being sued for setting people up with fake dates.  Yahoo Personals is also being sued though for something different.  I know all dating sites are not entirely honest, but this is a bit over the top.  See this article in Reuters for more.

25 Aug: A nice 10-tips article for the newbie to online dating by Barton Goldsmith.  I particularly like tip 9 “… When a woman says, “I’ll call you,”
she means within a day. When a guy says it, he means within a decade. …
“, read the rest here.

25 July: Here’s something new — not a dating site itself but a tool to use. TrueDater posts reviews of online daters — the idea is to catch out people who are using false or misleading profiles.  At the moment it only includes profiles from a few sites — Jdate, Match, Nerve and Yahoo — but I suppose it will
grow.  Interestingly it isn’t only bad reviews but good ones too.

23 May: Eharmony is in the news again with this article: “Neil Clark Warren, founder of the online dating site Inc., does matchmaking by the
” Read more.

4 May: HurryDate are stressing their real life speed dating sessionsas a girl once you have signed up for a session you can “one click” invite guys online to
attend the same session.

25 Apr: Online Dating is not for everybody, apparently some famous (well I’ve never heard of him before) singer gave up after eHarmony decided he was unmatchable. Read More.

10 Mar: A new entry in the “Adult dating” arena is WildMatch — for a new site it is highly developed already. [Read the review]

8 Mar: IwantU added a few features like better support for SMS phones, and the PrivateCall feature that lets you have phone calls with other people without revealing your own number.  Good safety feature that one.

2 Feb: Clothes make the man, and first impressions count — so what you wear on that first date may mean a lot.  Make sure you send
the right message with our outfit — and if the message is “I’m totally NOT politically correct” then check out this site I came across 
.  Those who are easily offended need NOT click!

25 Jan: For single parents, who feel neglected by Cupid’s arrow, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that often goes unnoticed. This year,, one of the leading online dating services, has pulled together tips for single parents to make this Valentine’s Day special for their children, and most importantly, for
themselves! [Read more]

21 Jan: Finally integrating my Dating Forum  into this site properly.  Please feel free to post a message and let me see what you’d like to see more of on this site.  So far I’m getting quite a few complaints about sites which people are not happy with — it would also be great to have some suggestions for sites that people are happy with!

18 Jan: SexyAds recently became the very first major personals site to offer PrivateCall, an anonymous way for SexyAds members to talk over the phone.

14 Jan: Something a bit different — dating advice in an e-book. Try “DateStacker“. Particularly relevant for women as they give women a 30 day money back
guarantee.  Not for Guys though!  Go figure.

11 Jan: At last someone has thought of a new take on online dating – at reciprodate you do not have to fill in length psychological profiles and the like or extensive questionnaires. [more]

5 Jan: Happy New Year everybody!  New review online now: The idea behind is to deal with the basic problem with internet dating — nobody knows you are a dog on the internet! You remember that old cartoon? Anyway the problem is still here.  Read about one solution here. 


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