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AmericanSingles targeted at Americans but in reality there are people from quite many countries.  It’s estimated to have 8 million members and about 14,000 to 28,000 people (peak hour) online for chatting on average.

This is one of the major dating sites online and has many advanced features. 

Basic membership is free.  It allows you to create your profile, post pictures and search for members though you have pages and pages of forms to fill in.  It can be annoying though when they insist that you have to write at least 100 words for your perception of perfect relationship and another 100 words for what you have learned from your past relationships.  I’ve seen a guy so fed up with it that he simply type ‘baa baa baa’ to meet the 100-word requirement.  🙂

All the searches and browsing are free but when you want to send someone a message or someone did leave you a message, you can’t view it or reply to it and then it’s time to consider to pay or not.  Same for instant message conversation and chat, you have to be a paid member to be able to do so.

After you login in, you will see the following:

bullet New messages: show if there is any new messages to you from other members
bullet Your matches: there were 7 choices for me – with pictures, age and where they’re from.
bullet Your profile: what your profile looks like on the web
bullet Your preference (in case you want to adjust them)
bullet Who’s online
bullet Featured members only: on the left border, there are 10 featured members online which is a name list only and it changes every few minutes
bullet Lookup profile
bullet Search: you can search who’s online by the following criteria

1.  category – e.g. male seeking female
2.  location – you may simply choose ‘my region’, specify the location or ‘anywhere’
3.  age
4.  language spoken – you are allow to choose one only

I ran a test search with the following criteria:  ‘male seeking female’, age 36-45 in U.S. and it returns slightly over 100 results (don’t forget I am searching for people who are online).  Just to give you ideas the size of AmericanSingles is.

bullet Hot list: it’s quite comprehensive and lots of ways you can use this.  See the table about free and paid membership below for more details.


Below is what I found about what you can get with free member and what you have to pay for:

AmericanSingles Services Free membership Paid members
Create profile yes yes
Post pictures yes yes
Search yes yes
Sending pre-select teases yes yes
Hot-List functions:    
– Your hot list yes yes
– Your matches (AmericanSingles’ suggestions which they send to your non-AmericanSingles mailbox) yes yes
– members you have viewed yes yes
– members you have teased yes yes
– members you have sent email to yes yes
– members you have IM’d yes yes
– members you have ignored yes yes
– who have viewed your profile yes yes
– who have IM (instant message) you yes yes
– who have hotlisted you yes yes
– who have emailed you no yes
– who have teased you no yes
Send / reply or view received messages no yes
Instant messaging no yes
Chat room no yes


Other features:

bullet As mentioned in the above table, the hot list is very powerful.  You can create your own hot list category and file people under different one. e.g. you can have categories like ‘hot list – Desirable’ or ‘hot list – he has children’ and anything you can think of.

When the hot list is getting too long, you can delete some of the entries.

bullet When you are browsing other people’s profiles and found him/her suitable, you can ‘hotlist’ him/her with one click.  You can even click on the ‘edit’ button to add your own comments.
bullet If the person you have hotlisted is online, the ’email’ button which you normally use to send email to will blink alternatively with words “I’m online” “Let’s chat”.
bullet At American Singles, you can search for people by proximity to a specific city if you are looking for someone in your area.
bullet Tease Feature – A tease is a quick, fun way to show that you are interested.  You select a one-liner from the list of teases and it’s sent to him or her. The member gets the tease in their AmericanSingles email Inbox and can then go to your profile and tease you back. Anyone can send teases.
bullet You can choose to receive your matches email daily, twice a week, once a week or never.
bullet Articles about writing introductory email and your own profiles.
bullet Payment: you can pay by credit card or an electronic check system called Telecheck. Basically you authorize AmericanSingles to withdraw the agreed amount from your ordinary checkbook account.


Don’t forget to cross out ‘send me special offers from qualified partners’ if you don’t want to receive other companies’ promotional material.


Date News about AmericanSingles
14 May 04 I received an email from AmericanSingles titled “Are these people you click with”.  Basically they sent me a list of 5 candidates with pictures, age and location.  I can go to their site and click either:

bullet  which means I am interested, please secretly find out if he/she likes me too.
bullet  which means I haven’t made up my mind, ask me again later
bullet  which means I am not interested and they will never know I said no.

They are trying to create love at first sight I suppose.  And of course, if both of you express interest, AmericanSingles will let you two know.




So check out American-Singles and do let me know in the forum if you have anything to tell me about it.