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This is a great site that is easy to love – because it’s simple, easy on the eyes, and 100% free. I also love it because it has exceptional information on Herpes and HPV.

Your free membership includes:

Ø     An ad that’s available immediately – but the site owner reserves the right to put your ad on hold if it doesn’t contain information designed to get people interested in you.

Ø     Up to four pictures can be added.

Ø     You receive your own webpage to post your photos and your ad so people don’t have to log onto the site to get the ad.

Ø     A log of responses to your ad.

The site is void of photographs and uses only a few graphics. There’s not much too navigate to or from and that’s a refreshing change from other dating sites. It’s straight forward and to the point. There’s no chat room or message board, none of the bells and whistles found on other sites. That might seem a bit archaic and out of touch, but it doesn’t have to be. Anyone reading your ad and sending an email will have that email forwarded to your mailbox by the site owner.

And the owner is somewhat no-nonsense in his/her approach: they tell you straight out that other sites are ripping you off by charging (I don’t agree with that because of what they have on their sites, and how it has to administrated.), the rules and suggestion (they’re different) for making ads, and how the site is a labor of love started when s/he was unemployed.

It is a rare internet site that provides a service without asking for any money, even the ‘free’ ones come with a price, but does what it says it will simply and with no fuss: provides a way for people with a treatable condition to bring love and friendship into their lives.

Also see MPwH / Antopia or herpes date.

So check out 10karats and do let me know in the forum if you have anything to tell me about it.